Male, NewfX(possibly with lab)
~2-3 years of age
Weight: Just under 79 pounds, so a small giant.

He is the next in urgent need of us and our first intake of 2020. He is a stray that was a Hit By Car. 

We are awaiting the results of x-rays at this time. I want to be sure that nothing is broken or fractured and needs immediate Vet attention where he currently is prior to moving him. He does have a small laceration on the left front leg and has quite the limp. Hoping that he is just stiff/sore.

Will post more as we can.

ETA: Sunday January 12th.

He is going to need the BHRR village to surround him with love and support.

We are calling him BHRR’s Coupe – yes, we have had a BHRR’s Koop and this is a play on the word ‘car’.

He already has a file set up at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic and we will post more re: his bills as we get them from where he is presently and from where he will be treated in the future, at Eagleson.

So, at this time, other than being in a big need of his very own collar plus an XL Costco Dog Bed, we are asking our amazing community to hold off with specific financial donations.

I can say that his bills shall most likely be extensive yet, we want people to know what they are donating to and promise to update as we can.

Please do send him your most caring thoughts and wish him safe travels!