BHRR’s Miss Volt!
Our adorable spoiled rotten Rottie baby! She is the Rottie that had been electrocuted in her previous home and they delayed in bringing her in for treatment.

We were contacted to assist from the Hospital that took her in and when I picked her up, I noted that she was chewing her vulva too.

As per my previous post, she came to work with me yesterday and she now weighs 32.4 kgs. Solid muscle!

As some may remember a past post that I made, the reason why she came to work with me is that we have been waiting for her to have a heat for a long time. Per her specialist Dr. Philibert prior to proceeding further for her spay and possible reconstruction for her girl bits, he felt that letting her have a heat would hopefully improve her conformation in that area. He felt that she would most likely require not just a vulvaplasty and wanted to make any surgery that she may need the best possible outcome for her.

Well, we have been waiting patiently…,,so patiently and she was going to be turning 15 months of age on the 7 of January and still no heat.

From my last post re: this, several reached out to educate me re: that this is not abnormal etc…etc… I do work in animal medicine and have for almost 16 years now and operate a GD/Giant Breed Rescue and am quite aware of delayed heats in dogs.  AND I had no issues with her having a heat at 15 months, 18 months or longer in age! I just want her to be ok and to be sure that she was ok.

In Miss Volts case, even her specialist felt that she should have had a heat by 9 months, a year on the outside….

Yet, here we were, days shy of 15 months of age and now the question was if her conformation on the outside also meant that she had a possible abnormal conformation on the inside. Very plausible.

After much discussion, the decision was to have her rechecked and then possibly schedule her ‘spay’ that time. I also planned to do her heartworm/tick borne disease testing as she is now old enough.

I brought her to work with me yesterday and she was a huge hit…yet, isn’t she always!! 

Well, just before her apt….I noticed some drops on the floor and one of the staff said that they had dripped some of their cherry smoothie and I was like….’hmmm, not so sure about that…’ 

AND then when I took her out of her run to then see the Vet, we all got the definitive answer! Her run carried the evidence needed for confirmation.

This is Miss Volt with her ‘I am a big girl now!’ look! 

Yup! She is officially in heat and if we had waited just one more day…..

Yet, she had an excellent time getting love and we gave her a manicure/pedicure and impressed all with her fabu manners!

She just loves everyone and everything!! Sweet, affectionate and incredibly loving… 

So, now we wait for her heat to be over, review her female bits to see if they have improved and go from there with her spay etc. plus to have the broken incisors removed… per Dr. Philibert and stated before, these do not pain her and can easily wait until her spay surgery.

Miss Volt, when it is your time to be adopted, our hearts will be incredibly full yet, it will also be bittersweet. This rehab journey has been so long yet, you are beyond deserving of becoming 100% healthy! 

BHRR will never adopt out a dog before they are ready and it is our responsibility after getting her happy, to also get her healthy! We continue to do right by her…..