NOTE: per my post last night, I am now at the airport and heading out of the country.

As mentioned in my post last night, all auction winners have been confirmed in a post made on each auction item. 

1) Please do check the items you bid on to see if you won!

2) For all of the lovely winners, please also note the pickup location(s) for your item(s) won and the date(s) if applicable for pickup. I am getting many emails – please take pity on me as all of this is posted in our rules and on each auction item! – asking where and when and people wanting all of their items picked up from one spot. Much time has been spent to make sure all the information needed was posted. 

3) Please pay per the posted payment options made in the rules and on each item within the 72 hour time-frame. Once again, I am getting emails from people asking re: payment and do take mercy on me as I am one mere mortal person! Everything needed has been posted.

4) I worked long into the wee hours of the night working on the close of this auction, reaching out to all of the winners and collecting payments and putting winners in touch with the fabu donators etc. and as I am getting on one of two planes shortly – I hope! Delays due to weather, I will not be back online until late tonight to re-visit the auction and to keep working on it.

I do wish to shout out a huge heartfelt and sincere thanks to each and every rescue angel that donated to our auction. It may have been our smallest in 12 years of hosting this annual event, yet, it was filled with so much warmth and generosity thanks to each of you!! 

Thank you also to every kind and caring person who shared our auction and/or bid and supported our continued efforts to keep BHRR going strong! 

This is BHRR’s Percival who also wanted me to thank you on his and BHRR’s Kenai’s behalf for being there for them in their huge time of need!

May everyone have a safe and wonderful Friday!