My last post of my night!

Our 12th Annual “JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction is now closed. I have contacted all winners – posted on the auction items, so please do check the item(s) that you bid on to confirm if you did win.

Payment is expected within 72 hours and the payment details have also been posted in the winning thread posts. 

Final total shall be announced once all monies are collected yet, at this time looks like we are over $1,700 raised! WOW!

All money raised shall go towards helping BHRR’s Percival and this handsome young man, BHRR’s Kenai.

We know many have been wondering how things are going and we wish to thank all those that have remained patient, understanding that we are working hard 24/7 to ensure that the animals are done right by. Posting updates at the frequency that some may wish is not possible and while we are regretful that one or two find that upsetting, we cannot take time away from what the animals need, when they need us.

BHRR’s Kenai remains on Trazodone, Clomicalm and Gabapentin.

Gwennie Novel UPDATE:

1) He is not spinning as much – this tends to happen, along with the self-mutilating when he is overstimulated or anxious.

I have also noted when I am out preparing his food and I poke my head into the rec room quietly, that he will be laying down peacefully and as soon as he sees me, he will begin to spin, do that wonderful GS whine that us GS lovers know all too well and also grab at his tail, while all the time keeping his eyes on me. I passively ignore and he soon realises that ‘hey, this is not working and will stop and sulk and then wag his tail and sit calmly or walk around.’

2) He loves his crate – too much and working on him not wanting to spend so much time in there. The door remains open for him to go in and out at will and it is only closed for eating and bedtime.

Yes, it is his safe spot yet, we are very very very slowly introducing him to outside his now safe zone to small wondrous things the world has to offer.

He can go from zero to 100 very fast in the stimulation dept. and so very small on the scale, yet, as I have stated before, his inches are miles in the success dept.

3) We can now go for short walks and he is not constantly spinning, crying or trying to grab at his hind end or tail. He is chatty and talkative as we walk and I know his anxiety is a huge role in that and it is not all excitement about the walk. Inches….

4) He is loving the snow!

5) He sleeps wonderfully at night and I love how when I go to greet him at 5:00 AM, he is so happy to see me and gives me his happy GS whine. The more impatient ‘where is my breakfast Gwennie whine is not so loved by me!’ 

6) He can now focus and eat and drink from bowls all by himself. We had to hold the bowl for him to drink and handfeed him for awhile. He has been putting on much needed muscle mass, toning up and weight. He looks fabu!

7) He knows his name and knows to sit before eating and so, I KNOW he is in there somewhere…..deep inside that anxiety ridden traumatized mind and heart plus soul is that puppy I am working so hard to reach.

8) We now know that he suffers from IS. Epilepsy is so hard to diagnose in dogs and too many use that word when in fact it is Idiopathic seizures. We also know that with every seizure, it does affect the brain. We are equally working hard to control them. He has lesions in his brain that his neurologist believe are related to said seizures.

A lesion is an area of tissue that has been damaged through injury or disease. So a brain lesion is an area of injury or disease within the brain.

Yet, his Vet Team plus I and his neurologist also believe that stress is a big trigger for them too.

9) Those that know me, now that I rarely, say a dog is truly aggressive – in almost 30 years of doing this, yet, at this time this boy falls into that category.

For, as some may be aware, if a reactive dog crosses that threshold, they enter the aggression realm and this boy is there right now. This is caused by several factors – vulnerability, extreme fear, severe anxiety, lack of proper socialisation and training just to name a few.

He just sees ‘red’ when it comes to other dogs. He is beyond trying to communicate to humans as reactive dogs do that he is not trying to give us a hard time but in fact is having a hard time.

He is also resource guards at an intense level.

10) Leash manners are coming – he is in a martingale for safety and we have many wonderful moments of clarity in our short walks that he can focus, think and respond to what is being asked of him.

11) BHRR is the right organization for him, YET our home is not the right one for him as we are a multi dog home.

Therefore, over these past couple of weeks, thanks to an amazing approved experienced Volunteer of ours, we have been transitioning him from my home to theirs – inches….just inches. We work side by side with him to set him up for success.

They do not have other dogs in their home. It deeply assists him in so many ways…..BHRR’s Kenai bonded fierce and fast to me and we also need to make sure that his emotional needs and that building up of trust he has gifted me with is not broken….

Inches BHRR’s Kenai….it is all about inches that are miles for you.

We are not in a rush….one inch at a time!

12) He remains not housebroken and we continue to work with him on that. What used to be a 100% lack of housetraining is now about 75%…Those Inches!

This picture was taken today in our side yard as the light was fading fast…Sean is holding him as all he wanted to do is chase the softly falling snowflakes and Mason was trying to get a picture of his face for all of you to see!

This is who you are helping with your lifesaving donations….his bills are mounting fast – we are almost $4,000 between exams, diagnostics plus meds.

AND being only 6 months of age, he is worth every penny!

When he wags his tail and when he looks at me with total clarity, I see the dog he has the amazing potential to be…..

He will remain in our BHRR Haven Program for life and shall not be made available for adoption.

As I am heading out of the country tomorrow, follow-ups on auction items, collection of payments etc. will not be as quick as they were tonight!

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, warmest good night wishes are being sent!