BHRR’s Mollie(1 year old Saint/Standard Poodle Mix)

She was at the Vet tonight for her latest recheck and her Lymes Booster.

She is doing well on her Lymes Disease treatment and in February/March she shall require another blood test to determine if she is now Lymes disease free. That is the time of year that all dogs should be getting their annual testing as is and for her it will be the regular 4DX plus a Quant 6.

Her obedience has gone very well and she has made some new besties here and Ireland remains her main squeeze!

She is learning to play nicely with the other dogs – she is a bit of a bossy diva – and to learn that it is not ALL about her. She has called the shots far too long where she came from and can now demonstrate patience and even to be gentle.

Though, she shall always be a rough house player – that is the tomboy in her!

In about three weeks time, if all continues to go well, she should be ready to make her own special announcement! 

We shall also have her professionally groomed in November too. I do not want those gorgeous floppy ears shaved.

Just a nice overall trim and tidy all over so that she can see and look her most beautiful!