I am feeling so blessed tonight!

These gorgeous Wiggle Bumz collars came in from their plus Cassy’s incredible generosity!!! Thank you both!!! 

AND for anyone that are Secret Santa angels to any of the BHRR doggies, for collar businesses to support, Wiggle Bumz is amazing!

We deeply also love onepawtwopaw as they support our rescue efforts with every collar bought, they donate one to our cause!

We do have TWO more BHRR doggies still dreaming of a special Secret Santa of their very own:

BHRR’s Burst
BHRR’s Glacier


AND on another note, I did pick up BHRR’s Kenai late this afternoon and spent almost 4 hours at the Vet Hospital with them.

Will post more re: this canine shortly yet, we do remain asking people to let this be our news to impart and not to breach confidentiality.

We have been working hard behind the scenes and now that we have a much better plan of a move forward action, we can post said plan shortly……

We hate high profile animal rescue situations for every 1000 people that ‘get things’, there is always 1 or two fanatics that feel that they know best yet, the reality is that they do not.

AND for those bringing to our attention independents that are fundraising on their own for this specific canine, please do know before contributing to anyone’s fundraiser that unless you see it posted here re: this specific canine, it is not SANCTIONED by BHRR. We cannot guarantee or warrant that said funds being raised by said parties will be donated to this specific canine’s cause. 

We ask people to please try to be patient, that we know how many have big beautiful caring hearts and wish to help yet, we do not want anyone taken advantage of.

We needed to know first what we were looking at prior to posting re: financial needs for this canine…..and, we promise to post when the time is right…..

On that note, from our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, the warmest and most humblest of good night wishes are being sent!