Miss Mollie is doing very well! 
1 year old Standard Poodle/Saint BernardX
*Once again she is NOT a purebred Saint this or a Berdoodle that. She is a mix, a delightful one, yet, a mix.*

She has also made a couple of friends to date – Dynamo and Jigsaw AND we have determined as she has settled in more that she is play driven not prey driven – huge rough high play right now yet, her previous home did say that they could not meet her exercise and play needs – kept her in a room, segregated- so she is making up for a lot of lost time.

Crate trained, so quiet in the house – she only has just begun to show she has a voice with small sounds of happiness AND yup! As I thought, she is a full butt wagger! 

Here is a picture of her helping me to tear down the posters/signage we put up for our big annual ‘Dine With The Doggies’ Event! She took this years’ place of honour and came with me to open up the gate for our amazing evening.

She is a little shy and nervous of people yet, you can tell that she wants to be loved and we already know how much love she has to give! 

On a side note, for those who have expressed interest in purchasing tickets for 2020, we are already over 50% SOLD OUT! Get your tickets soon for we ended up with a waiting list for 2019 and sadly, as this is a limited attendee event, we can only have so many guests attend.

BHRR’s Mollie is coming to work with me tomorrow to begin her vetting protocol – bloodwork, vaccines, fecal testing etc.

She is eating plus drinking well and has proven to be housebroken.

Her leash manners are a wee bit rough but we shall get there and her one bad habit is jumping, we are working on it!

Happy Friday Morning to all!