I got her!

BHRR’s Miss Lily (Deaf/Visually Impaired Great Dane) – AND her vision impairment is quite minor.

She is the most adorable small package! Smaller than Miss Tilly and equally gorgeous!

We have some behavioural OCD things to work through plus the typical training from what her owner has imparted my way. Sadly, this amazing well intentioned home hired a ‘trainer’ for $3,000 that believes in prongs plus shock collars and just as we knew would be the answer, the behaviours for this sweet innocent young thing became worse.

She has understandable anxiety too.

*NOTE: This thread is not open to debate as to whether you may think prongs, chokes and e-collars are great training tools.*

This poor girl’s neck is raw now.

She is skinny yet, she is also a growing maturing Dane and the weight will come on.

I am now making my long drive home with a real gem of a Dane – I already know that she is going to be a hoot, so much personality plus love and affection in this girl! Already covered in the Dane leans! 

She will begin her proactive/preventative vetting on Monday – I want to give her some time to settle in. We will begin her de-worming protocol now though. She will also need to be spayed – per her Owner, she has had one heat already and is due to have another one shortly.

It was such a pleasure meeting Miss Lily’s Owner and I said several times over that they can reach out any time, that Miss Lily has her own blog already etc.

AND I am anticipating a night of no sleep for crate training is on the agenda for this girl. Mannerisms 101 coming up with Gwennie’s doggie boot camp! 

AND as we have posted already, our doors are now indefinitely closed until further notice.

We have had so many unexpected Vet Bills with BHRR’s Fletcher & BHRR’s Miss Penelope being the latest.

For anyone who may consider assisting us in keeping out doors open, donations can be made direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic 613-383-8381

OR via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org

OR via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com

This girl is not yet AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION and as we have answered more than one home to date, we will not consider a home without a properly safely fenced in yard.

Her previous Owner can attest to the importance of a fenced in yard as they lost one of their Doberman’s from being hit by a transport….. 

Thank you also once more to Tanya of Poet’s Vision in putting this home in touch with us.