The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Oliver(IW/GD) is settling in extremely well to his foster home.

Has been great with their Dane and two chi’s, the geese, the chickens, horses and even one feisty kitten! 

He is getting lots of wonderful careful slow exposure to even more new things and people and they are managing his anxiety plus shyness beautifully.

They are a quietly well balanced social home so he will never be overwhelmed by huge numbers of people or places.

I am so proud of him. I have worked my butt off with this whole litter trying so hard to set them up for success and took criticisms from more than one person who felt they knew better about what was best for them.

I have been patient and have explained so many times over how genetics and not just environment plays a crucial role in how an animal is who they are.

All puppies are not born naturally bouncy, happy, social creatures.

Furthermore, their breed(s) also play a role in their individual temperaments. Additionally, throw in temperaments bred by puppy mills.

BHRR’s Oliver, your progress along with your litter-mates we kept back has been amazing and you shall continue to keep becoming the best dog you can be, as you are in the hands of a home that ‘gets it!’

I miss you and you did not think you could do this yet, we knew you were ready for this next step and you are MORE than doing it! 

AND since you are now in great hands, I can bring in the special needs (Deaf/Visually Impaired) Dane, Miss Lily into my own home tonight.

AND as we have posted several times, our doors will then be indefinitely closed….we are battling so many unexpected Vet Expenses.