My three deaf/blind mice want to ask what size of Stuffies comes after Giant? JUMBO?! 

They are now almost 8 months of age! Where has the time gone?!

The Dane Trio shall be heading back to the Vets in about 2 months time to determine if they may need to have extractions once their adult teeth come in and see how their alignment has developed as they have matured.

They also wish to thank ALL of the angels to date that have made a donation to help their new Great Dane friend, the emaciated, neglected, abused BHRR’s Rion from the drug situation. 

Donations to BHRR’s Rion’s care can be made via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, we are wishing everyone a good night!

I am off to spend my night with BHRR’s Rion.