Miss Flower UPDATE: 

Unfortunately, I must sincerely apologise that quite a few of our supporters are already aware before BHRR had the proper opportunity to post that Miss Flower was euthanised today.

Sadly, I was at work today when she was taken to the Vet by Poet’s Vision due to rapidly declining health – stopped eating, drinking and walking – and I was not in a position to post an update on our page. 

We believe in full disclosure and our intent was to make a post ASAP. I remain so sorry that our post on our page is coming at this time. 

I truly cannot express to all of our friends, family plus supporters what it has meant to our hearts to have had you rally so strongly around this 7 week old Maremma baby in our efforts to give her the best chance possible. 

We never even made it to the MRI stage. 

An already horrible day has just been that much more devastating with this wee pups loss. 

To the kind angel that donated funds for an XL Costco dog bed, you have now been refunded.

To the other kind angel that donated yesterday, your monies have also now been refunded.

All other generous loving donations that came directly to BHRR for Miss Flower were used towards her Vet Bills including for a fecal, food, de-worming etc. and please do know how incredibly appreciative we remain for your kindness. 

Once, we obtain the credit for the food return – wet & dry, should anyone wish to have their beautiful donation returned, please do not hesitate to let me know – gwen@birchhaven.org

Please do join me in lighting a candle for a sweet soul whose life was over far too soon….

What a really brutally terrible day it has been……