Miss Flower! UPDATE:

Held lovingly in my arms at Alta Vista Emerge.

She had her consult with the neurologist yesterday and Dr. Jull feels she has either hydrocephalus and/or a cyst located in or near the cerebella that is causing pressure on the brain stem.

There is a possible condition that can cause increased pressure and a random pain response they are wondering if that is why there is so much vocalisation. At this time, I do not have the name of that condition. I was not able to be at the consult yesterday and I am very thankful to Tanya for being able to take her and then coming to see me at KAH afterwards!

Her weight was 7.1 kgs at KAH. She has not yet gained since she came into rescue and we are hoping that this shall come shortly. For she is quite skinny.

At the moment they do not feel there is a malformation of the brain stem itself.

Doing a MRI is the next step for Miss Flower.

Depending on what they see – potentially having a stint placed or medical management.

They also found what they believe is none related pain at the thoracic and lumbar spine, at the moment it’s nothing concerning but they needed to mention it.

Attached in the thread is a copy of the estimate provided….there is also a cerebral spinal fluid tap on the estimate.

We did run a fecal, she is being de-wormed and her special food should be arriving today.

I am in touch with Wigglebumz to have a custom balance harness made for her. With her blindness, neuro issues and severe hearing impairment, this is most safe for her.

I am sending to Tanya who is going to temp foster her moving forward – thank you again to Randy/Emily FOR all you have done as her temp fosters!, a Giant stuffie donated to us by the truly lovely Martina.

I am also stealing one of my XL Costco dog beds from one of the dogs here for her yet, if anyone may consider donating one for her, we would be so so so appreciative. Do let me know!

We also picked up another week of meds for her from the neurologist- Keppra, Omeprazole and Trazodone. We will order those moving forward from KAH.

Tanya from Poet’s Vision is hosting a flash auction so please do consider looking over the beautiful items! Link below.


If anyone may consider this 7 week old Maremma’s cause, donations can be made direct to Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848

OR via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org

OR via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com

On behalf of Tanya, Miss Flower and myself, a million thanks many times over for the love plus support that has been given to date! 

This puppy needs her Army to give her everything that she needs…..we remain deeply humbled for any consideration given.