Having a wonderful roll….the simplest of things give him so much pleasure. 

We had an ECHO, X-rays & an u/s done – he got a big thumbs up as being a reactive dog, it was not easy on him yet I am so proud of him.

Trazodone has been a big aid in assisting in bringing down his anxiety and stress levels.

For we needed to do these diagnostics and ASAP. Confirmation is that yes, he does have a Grade 3 HM & a mass/tumour in his intestines.

Information shared with us……

German Shepherds are one of two breeds – Collies are the other that are most represented for intestinal tumours. Males also being most represented in respect to intestinal tumours.

Bloodwork indicates an abnormally low level of protein plus elevated liver enzymes. A calcium test showed elevated levels.

Xrays show that his lungs are clear at this time yet his liver and spleen are enlarged.

We are waiting on the interpretation report yet possible lymphoma has been discussed.

Still so surprised and saddened that we were not provided with the paperwork/information of the HM and the mass prior to his arrival. We received a hardcopy of these medical findings when we met the transport to pick him up.

While it makes nor would have made a difference re: our commitment to him, it would have helped us be better prepared for his arrival to ensure that whatever he needed was done even more promptly.

His skin issues and allergies are the least of his problems….

Treating each day as a gift with him! 

Thank you to every generous plus caring angel that has made a donation to date for his mounting Vet Bills.

Donations can be made direct to Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848

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Oh behalf of BHRR’s Juneau sending good night wishes to all of our friends, family plus supporters….