GS Transport UPDATE:

Maira has him – we are going to call him BHRR’s Juneau – and I will be leaving shortly to meet up with her.

Maira found him to be ‘super friendly and not aggressive at all’.

It is so disturbing how people can label dogs. This has cost many a dog their life and that is beyond tragic.

People need to remember that a reactive dog is not trying to GIVE us a hard time, they are trying to tell us that they are HAVING a hard time. If, we as humans do not listen to this, they ‘can’ cross that threshold into aggressiveness. Therefore, we MUST listen and act accordingly.

As someone that has put 14 years of post secondary education into behaviour plus psychology; is the expert behavioural consult for several pounds, shelters plus busts, who takes CE courses, seminars plus classes yearly, it really distresses plus frustrates me to see so many amazing dogs ‘given up on’ by having been given a label.

Labeling is dangerous…….this dog almost died April 10th and if I, by sheer chance did not see the final plea post by those angels working so hard to save him, he would have been killed. This happens daily to thousands of dogs across North America, they are destroyed. 

Remember that behaviour is not just genetic in nature, environment plays a huge part.

Soon….very soon we shall meet….at last BHRR’s Juneau. 

You may not be a Great Dane/Giant yet you fall well within our mandate as you are a special needs – medical and behavioural. AND that is why we are here!