AND this is what happens when your shoelace comes undone and you trip on it….falling on your tush! 

You become ‘fresh meat’ for the extremely affectionate deaf/blind Dane Trio Puppies! They all think they are lap babies and want to be in my lap and snuggled plus lick my face….the problem is they are too big now.

AND there are three of them and only one lap of mine!

AND thanks so much Sean for taking a picture FIRST before coming to “rescue” me! LOL

I have to say though that one of my most precious moments is at night when BHRR’s Sleet comes on to my lap, puts her head on my shoulder and just wants to be held and rocked….it is so soothing to her. No matter how big she gets, we will continue to have this nightly moment of love!

I shall update after they have their latest recheck at the Vet today. 

Happy Sunny Monday to all!