Someone recently posted on our facebook page after seeing the Video – and has not been the first time – re: their hearing and here is my posted response:

BHRR’s Sleet is 100% deaf

BHRR’s Glacier & Summit hear less than 5% – they can only extremely faintly hear some ‘tones’ and even then have no idea where it is coming from. They fall well under the definition of being defined as legally deaf.

It is the vibration they love of the squeaker & the mouth sensation of ‘squishing’ the squeakers.

They have a wide variety of toys that squish and crinkle and even rattle and some ball & KONG toys that even squeak.

They just loved this skinless stuffie that squeaked. 

They have skinless stuffies yet none of them squeak and it is a new toy to them, so a big novelty.

I rotate toys every two weeks for all of the dogs to keep things fresh and stimulating.