My last post of my night!

BHRR’s Glacier & BHRR’s Sleet!

Their heads are pink from the prep solution for their surgeries on Friday.

Snuggled up with their giant stuffies – as people at work can attest to – each one had a giant stuffie when they were dropped off and in post-op! 

Thanks Gail for the donation of more stuffies!

Tomorrow, I shall give updates on BHRR’s Glacier and BHRR’s Sleet.

THANK you to all of the rescue angels that have been there for these deaf/blind puppies! 

Donations can be made to Kanata Animal Hospital
613-836-2848(They cannot take Visa Debit or M/C Debit over the phone)

OR via PayPal to (Donations can be made from any Country)

OR via Email Transfer to (For Canadian Supporters only as we are located in Canada)

We do not have a gofundme page as they take a sizeable percentage and we will not see any funds be taken away from the animals.

Note: As more people come on to follow our page, please do know that BHRR is a highly focused special needs rescue.

We are federally registered and have been around since 1996. This is what we do, why we are here and we are not newbies nor do we dabble in rescue. We have dedicated our lives to rescue and to doing it the right way.

We are not here for the quantity, we are here for the quality!

From our home to all of our friends, family plus supporters, warm good night wishes are being sent!