The 3.5 month old deaf/blind Dane Trio Puppies are now dropped off! 

They will be under the experts hands of Dr. Philibert, whom many know as one of Ottawa’s incredible specialists. 

He shall also be under super tech Chelsea’s care plus Holly and I am so grateful to them both too! 

We have had a total of just under $2,100 come their way to date for their eye removal surgeries, their alters plus BHRR’s Sleet’s umbilical hernia repair. 

We are still short $1,900+tx as we were given a quote of $4,000+ for their surgeries.

We will be working on a flash auction ASAP and please if anyone may have even $5.00 to spare to go their way, we would be so so so touched.

Donations can be made direct to Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848 

OR via email transfer

OR via PayPal to

Please with all of my heart and who I am, if you may consider their truly deserving cause to support, I would be beyond humbled….

Thank you in advance…. 

Please also keep them in your best wishes….it is going to be a really tough day on me too….

NOTE: We have posted this many times over and posting it again:

These three deaf/blind puppies not only have recessed pupils, they have severe Microphthalmia. They also have extreme Entropion and not just the lower lids.

This causes their eyelids plus lashes to fold in and are scratching their eyes, causing constant infections not to mention giving them a brutal level of pain.

People need to stop making erroneous assumptions about what they believe to be in the best interest of these puppies. 

We have been doing this for almost 30 years as a highly experienced plus knowledgeable special needs Great Dane Rescue, they also have an incredible experienced Vet team including a specialist deeply involved in their lives.