****REQUEST is FILLED! Thanks Hazel/Bob!**

ISO: BHRR Approved Emerge Temp Foster

Male, ~8 months old
75% Lab & 25% Saint
Dad(chocolate lab) & Mom(Saint/Lab)

This sweet boy only sees about 10% and his home does not feel equipped to best take that on. He gets around quite well so do not let his lack of eyesight deter you from stepping up. We will be with you in support, guidance, assistance 100% 24/7!

We have had four people reach out to us re: him including his present home.

He currently lives with three cats and another dog without any issues. Weight is ~75 pounds.

Good with kids and is silly, playful and loving.

BHRR cannot help him unless we have a BHRR Approved Volunteer Home step up to assist. Remember, if you are an approved adoptive home, you are also an approved Volunteer and if your circumstances allow for temp fostering, you are welcome to step up!

We need a commitment of 12 weeks from the time he arrives for this emerge temp foster and location to me is not as important as ensuring that he is safe for he is at huge risk right now for the one person in the home really does not want him. The other member is trying so hard to find a spot for him so that he is not dumped somewhere – even in the bush.

Please if we have any of our approved homes able to assist, please do advise ASAP for this is so time sensitive.

We will provide food, bowls, stand, collar, leash, dog beds and vetting etc.

We need you to provide a warm, caring, positive balanced, consistent structured plus safe home for him.

We cannot commit unless we have a spot for him as I cannot bring him into my own home right now with four special needs puppies needing me!

Thank you for any consideration!

AND we are going to call him BHRR’s Barney – you are getting a new name for the beginning of a new life that you deserve young man!