Please NOTE: 

We understand that this young pup is popular to many to want to adopt. 

She is not available for adoption.

She is at the beginning of a very long rehab journey and BHRR does not flip dogs. 

When/if she is ever ready, members of the BHRR BOD will place only per right match personality fit via our extremely thorough adoption screening process.

All of our adoption processes, policies and procedures can be found on our website too. 

Anyone is most welcome to follow her detailed individual blog to stay updated on her! 

AND to those reaching out stating they would make a donation to her care in ‘exchange’ for the guarantee that they would ‘get her’, you could not be more wrong in how we operate.

Donate because you care and you want to help and may have a few extra dollars to spare.

This is not the first time someone has thought they could get one of our dogs with this approach and we will never ever place one of our dogs in such a manner. 

Placing one of our dogs when/if they are ready is about the right match fit for them and a home, nothing less will be acceptable to us!