Special Needs Dane Trio Update!

First of THANK you’s sent out to both Elaine plus Kathryn for the puppy wrangling help tonight at their next Vet Visit! 

BHRR’s Sleet – 23.76 pounds(Up 5.94 pounds since January 2nd so gaining really well!)

Her anxiety was better in the car this time around – she lasted 15 minutes before it set in and she was the most ‘busy’ of the three tonight at KAH due to her level of stress/anxiety. 

When she crashed, she crashed big time….she is better than she was and in having her such a short period of time, she has really made progress!

Her small abscess on the top of her head is healing well – we still do not know how she came to BHRR that way.

She will require a double enucleation (both eyes to be removed as they are paining her and causing constant infections).

She was healthy enough for her boosters and I also did a nail trim. 

Her teeth appear to be placed in her mouth ok and she has an immature digestive system.

She is completely blind/deaf. 

BHRR’s Glacier – 25.52 pounds(Up 5.94 pounds too! AND gaining wonderfully.)

Such a love….big cuddler, wants to be held and the sweetest boy. 

He will also require a double enucleation(both eyes to be removed as they are paining him and causing constant infections).

We know that BHRR’s Glacier can hear a very tiny wee amount of ”sounds.’ Has to be at a certain tone/level and he has zero idea where it is coming from and is considered 98% deaf. 

He is also blind. 

We did a nail trim,had boosters and he has one side of his mouth that his teeth are embedding into his gums. We will see how his adult teeth come in and if need be, do extractions.

Summit – 28.16 pounds(So YUP!, he is also exactly 5.94 pounds more than January 2nd!) HOLY! Talk about freaky! 

All three puppies are up exactly the same amount of weight, 5.94 pounds! What are the chances?!

He will require one eye to be removed, we will continue to monitor that twisting left front leg that also twitches. 

He is deaf and can see out of one eye about 1-2%, so is also blind. 

He has both sides of his mouth with bad teeth alignment and we will see how his adult teeth come in to determine how many extractions are required. 

I also did his nails plus he had boosters.

I want to thank Emily again for the cupcake collars for BHRR’s Sleet and BHRR’s Summit!

I also wish to thank Holly once more for the toys for the Dane Trio!

BHRR’s Sleet & BHRR’s Glacier were so much better with their handling – they had zero prior to myself getting them – and were much easier to exam tonight. 

AND thanks sent to Jen for coming into Kanata Animal Hospital yesterday and putting on to their account a truly caring generous donation to go towards their Vet bills which will amount in to the many many many thousands. 

I will be putting together a flash auction on an item that I have and we will be brainstorming on how best to fundraise for these puppies that were so wrongly done by.

I am also working on our next BHRR Information Get Together to give people the opportunity to learn more re DM Danes and BHRR plus to meet/learn more about them. 

Gwennie Novel and here is another photo of the Dane Trio konked out! Hard to capture them awake…they are just white blurs! 

As always, from our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, stay warm and good night wishes being sent as we head into a deep freeze!