I aplogise to all that I have not had time for much more than giving updates as I can on this incredible fighter….

We wanted to have two amazing BHRR dogs make their own special announcements this weekend yet do forgive me as I need to give all that I am and have to BHRR’s Bane right now.

He 100% represents the mandate of our special needs Great Dane/Giant Breed organisation and we need to give him everything for him to have the best chance of surviving.

Last night when I went back to visit with him – Thanks Kinsley for coming and thanks Martina for offering to come! – the lovely staff at Alta Vista let me visit him in a room over ICU, so we could spend some truly private/quality uninterrupted time together.

The first thing he did when he saw me as he wobbled and bobbled his way in, was give me the best, and I mean the best of a small tail wag! As weak as he is, he knew who I was and yup, my heart fell in love all over again. 

We put down a nice big thick comfy blanket, he slowly lowered himself down and immediately put his head on my legs….then within moments, he shifted, layed out along my side and fell fast asleep…. If I moved even an inch, I got his small talkative ‘groan’ of protest! I had lots of tingling numbness when we left but so worth it! 

His latest update is that he continues to eat and drink on his own quite well and his overseeing Vet Team is working on weaning him off the high dose of IV pain meds – Hydro and switching to Gabapentin plus Tramadol as oral meds.

His urine C&S is back and his nasty UTI/Bladder bug has proven to be susceptible to the antibiotics being given and they are leaving him on just the one antibiotic and taking him off the IV Baytril.

He is urinating and having bowel movements and starting to wobble his way better outside to go to the bathroom and the Vet talked about de-worming him which was on our list from when he first arrived. I asked re: the fecal sample I brought in on Friday and the Vet had not been aware one was in the fridge and will collect a fresh sample to send to the lab.

The last weight I have is now up to 99.44 pounds (from two nights ago). Body score 1/9.

Our bills are now over $9,000 to date since October 1st for his ICU care.

Sean & I reached out to our bank and can skip two mortgage payments and we remain so beyond thankful to each and every person who has sent a donation for his care!  Please also keep the well wishes coming!! I share them all with him! I tell him he has an army standing so strongly by his side and he can lean on all of us….

We do desperately need to raise another $2,000 (his CT scan was $2,000 alone) over the next couple of days. Our coffers have been emptied with not one but two severely neglected Danes coming into BHRR over a 10 day period and we had no idea until they arrived, just how bad they were medically. Both are very extreme cases. 

Please please please with so much gratitude in my heart plus soul and tears in my eyes, if you have any change to spare, we would embrace your support with eternal gratitude. So so so indebted to so many to date for their kindness demonstrated. THANK YOU!

We do have a second pair of Hockey Tickets up for grabs in a flash auction that ends tomorrow – Tuesday night @ 9 PM EST, link below & then will have a $500 value gift basket available in another flash auction.…/a.1941108173224…/1926622374071251/…

Please save your EMPTIES for us too!

I also want to shout out a thank you to my family who has without complaint, sacrificed our plans for this Thanksgiving long weekend to allow me to be where I am needed most. I love you all so very much!

Donations to BHRR’s Bane’s care – as Alta Vista will not take direct donations – can be made via email transfer to

OR Via PayPal to

My heart also goes out to the family plus to the 6 month old GSx HBC puppy last night for they reached out to us – they went to Alta Vista AH last night – to see if we could take on the $7,000+ plus surgery that puppy needs. Unfortunately, our doors remain closed and will remain closed for a long time to come……I made several recommendations to them.