BHRR’s Bane – Severely Neglected Great Dane
October 6th, 2018Alta Vista Emergency Animal Hospital & Speciality Services 
Emaciated(Body Score 1/9), Severe Bladder/UTI & Sepsis plus skin issues 
Suspected trauma due to extreme pain & crepitus (on Fentanyl & Hydro) – CT Scan done yesterday & we are awaiting results

VIDEO OF BHRR’S BANE October 6th, 2018 @ Alta Vista Animal Hospital 

He has be in ICU since October 1st.

Bills are over $8,000 & mounting

Sean & I went last night after his CT scan($2,000) and spent time with this really super sweet precious boy. While many are having turkey and ham with family & friends – please tell your loved ones how thankful you are for them  – I gladly re-arranged my life to be in the ICU with him this long weekend. I will be back again today and tomorrow and for however long it takes.

This boy has a hell of a rehab journey ahead of him and please pray for good CT results so that we can give him this deserving opportunity. Per a previous post & above he had the CT scan due to suspected trauma for ‘crepitus and referred pain.’

He is a victim of horrendous neglect/abuse and we desperately need your assistance to help him. We really do. I am begging with all that I am to please consider donating to his cause. 

I sound like a broken record yet even $5 is not too small. Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to these innocent creatures, I would grovel, plead and sell a kidney if I had to. Please consider giving him a donation as a gift of life….

We have been helping Danes like BHRR’s Bane since 1996 and he really is one of the worst cases ever. Just horrendous what was done to him. 

He is in the ICU at a Alta Vista Animal Emergency & Speciality Services Hospital.

Donations can be made via email transfer to

OR via PayPal to

Alta Vista Animal Hospital has confirmed that donations cannot be made direct to them yet I will post a copy in this thread of his current bills there(he has had a many multi thousand bill in TO too) as of last night.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude and humbled forever indebted thanks for your consideration. 

We will update as we can….

AND copy of his invoice as of last night at Alta Vista AH