BHRR’s Flyn!

This stunning BBBBB had her annual today and weighed almost a slightly plump 50.3 kg (110.66 pounds). Since her arrival she has put on almost 17 pounds and has gone from quite skinny to needing no more weight to be put on! 

She remains our ‘mysterious’ woman….cloaked in secrecy with her many depths and layers. 

She had a great day hanging out at KAH today while I worked and her Vet visit was a total thumbs up. I also did her ears plus had her nails done and she was so rock solid. 

Her Vet marvelled at how shiny/glossy her coat was and that she had shades of brown within it. This picture was taken in the rain when we got home so she is not as gleaming….

She is still a bit nervous/cautious in new situations yet from where we were first asked to assist her, her anxiety level was 8/10 then and now we are maybe a weak 2/10! WTG BHRR’s Flyn!

She remains Available For Adoption to that right matched forever loving home and has an extremely detailed individual blog that outlines the home that we are seeking for her. 

She is so lovely and that masking gene is becoming even more prevalent on her face! Makes her look all the more gorgeous.