BHRR’s Bogart, the Weim was at the Vet on Friday August 31st! 

Was a super star! 

We strongly feel is is between 5-6 years of age and so, we are going with 5.5 years…could he be a bit younger, sure…could he be a bit older, sure yet nothing so extreme that would make any difference to a right matched personality fit home. 

He weighed a skinny 67.32 pounds yet already the weight is coming on nicely. He is developing much neeed muscle tone plus mass also. He is eating plus drinking well too.

He travelled wonderfully in the car – you could tell he was a little worried as he has had so much change in his life prior to his Rescue.

He had a great Vet visit – had his vaccines, an ear cleaning, lungs are great and his Vet listened thoroughly to his heart to be sure that what they were hearing was normal. 

We ran bloodwork yet unfortunately, it was lost and so I will bring in more blood to be sent to the lab for testing. 

He is being proactively/preventatively de-wormed and is now on heartworm/flea/tick meds.

He was curious, quietly social and such a solid boy at his visit.

This boy is another WOW dog! Does he have some SA, yes but it is not severe and he is better and better every day. The more we demonstrate consistency, give him structure and have clear open communication he is thriving. He needs stability and he is learning that he can like himself, self-soothe and comfort and that it is ok to be by himself. He does fantastic in his crate and I am very proud of him. 

His hips, while having some mild arthritis did not give his Vet any great alarm or cause for concern that he had any HD, let alone any severe HD.

Re: his skin & coat – His Vet stated that now that he is on excellent food and care and the stress will reduce in his life, his coat will become healthy and less dull and coarse.

The more he settles in, the happier he is becoming. He is such an easy, calm and wonderful dog. He loves keeping me company as I work on my computer and when he is ready, he is going to make that right matched forever loving home an amazing addition to their family. 

He has gotten along beautifully with all the dogs and his playful side is adorable and gentle.

That this poor dog was bounced around in his life and then dumped at a pound baffles me. He is simply stupendous! 

BHRR’s Bogart, while others did not want you and while even others turned their backs to you in your time of need, we want you so much and we will make sure that you are cherished plus cared for!