Testimonial From The Home Who Had The Special Picnic Play Date With BHRR’s Oliver Today:

“Today we have a very special guest from BHRR: Ms. Burst. She is our second date for this weekend and will be spending the night with our family as part of a special auction.

Burst is not a giant breed or a Dane, but BHRR stepped up to save her when asked. She is a playful, bouncy girl who adores people and cannot get enough love. Our Dane and Pug get along very well with her. She needs to put on more weight and she will be an amazing looking dog when she does.

 Burst is a sweetie. Her and Sapphire played chase for a bit. Then, Burst played with a few balls, chasing after them and picking them up. She even let Cherie brush out her coat. All three dogs are getting along well. Sapphire seems to know that Burst is unsure of play and is trying various tricks to get her to play, which is working. 🙂

So happy to open our home to Burst.”