AND this is The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Everly! 

She had a good play date visit herself today! Nervous for the first ten minutes or so and for her very first play date completely without me, she truly did so well overall. Proud of you! 

She plunked down on their couch and spent a quiet day and thank you to the home that won this special date with her and giving her another amazing positive experience in her life. 

She comes away knowing that she was ok, that there are loving hands surrounding her and that Mama Gwennie set her up for success. 

She then came with me to pick up her brother BHRR’s Oliver from his own special picnic play date and hung out for a bit.

They are funny siblings as both want to be the first in the car and if they are not, the other one does not want to go in. 

This weekend turned out to see 6 dates had! WOW! 

BHRR’s Granite, BHRR’s Whisper(overnight) as I had to pick up BHRR’s Burst early for she hurt her shoulder playing on her own date & BHRR’s Oliver – thanks to the Maracle Family!
BHRR’s Whisper – thanks Sue B.!
BHRR’s Everly – thanks Elaine & to your Mom!

AND Denali also got to hang out and drain the kiddie pool at the Maracle’s when I dropped off BHRR’s Granite. 

I am so wonderfully exhausted from a busy weekend – between work at the Hospital, taking BHRR’s Burst to the Hospital x 2, Denali had his own Vet visit, visiting PV Stittsville, 6 play dates, 4 picnics, several errands, filling up with gas over and over, time at the drive-in with Kinsley and driving NO less than 2,000 kms between Friday AM & now!

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, good night wishes being sent for I am heading home to spend some time with Sean as it is Fathers Day too!