This beautiful Dane lady – BHRR’s Daffodil – had her annual last night and it was a great Vet visit!

She is hanging around a lean 110 pounds and since her arrival has now lost 29 pounds. She has toned plus muscled up, that overbred poor body that had boobs almost hanging to the ground is long gone, that had a mammary mass removed and sent off to histiopathology is now a fit and healthy and gorgeous gal!

No more overgrown nails or ear infections or skin issues either!

AND yes, she has one blue and one brown eye. 

She was given a thumbs up on heart and lungs and was a total gem at her appointment. She has a slightly stubborn sassy side and I love her all the more for it as 98% of the time she is unbelievably sweet, accommodating and charming and loving and gentle….then she has super rare moments where she is just all ‘uh no…not happening, no way….’ 

She remains AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION to that right match personality fit forever loving home. 

Note: She is hearing and visually impaired and like all our amazing special needs dogs, nothing holds her back!