The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Murray!

May 11th, 2018 Professional Photo – Thanks Liz!

Furry Murray Update!

**$690 Donated To Date**
**$2,700+ Vet Bills To Date**

UPDATE: BHRR’s Murray has now been weaned down to 7.5 mg of Pred EOD and next week, should he continue to do well, go down to 5 mg and this is when he had his last relapse. So, in the weaning of his pred this time around, his Vet is going even slower and to date, BHRR’s Murray is responding great!

His bones continue to cause him issues and we have intermittent swelling plus limping on one of his front legs that is being monitored closely. 

AND through it all, Mr. Furry Murray has been a rock star! 

He may be a LOT smaller than his litter-mates yet he is mighty and strong and a thrivor.  Plus, he is so freakin’ adorable. 

Once he is healthy, we can then neuter this cryptorchid boy. 

His Story:

Unfortunately, as can happen with Puppy Strangles, BHRR’s Murray had a relapse and the relapse was worse. 

He was back at the Vet February 26th when he had the relapse. So, we had to increase the Pred(he has been on it since November 2nd, 2017) and he went back up to 25 mg BID from 5 mg EOD.

He was also losing weight.

His lymph nodes were still swollen. So, he was not able to be neutered at this time. He also remains cryptorchid.

AND once he gets into the exam room, he tries to jump and climb on to the exam table as this is where he has been examined since he was a wee squeaker.

Tried telling him that at over 75-80 pounds, perhaps the exam table is not ideal for being examined any longer yet, he feels differently! So, on the exam table he continues to go! LOL

He is responding well to the increased Pred and every two weeks, the dose has been dropping by 2.5-5 mg.

Since November 2nd, 2017 –

He was first rushed into Kanata Animal Hospital on Thursday November 2nd, 2017.

Then he has had appointments:
Liston Animal Hospital on November 7th
Kanata Animal Hospital November 9th 
Kanata Animal Hospital November 16th
Kanata Animal Hospital November 21st
Kanata Animal Hospital November 28th
Kanata Animal Hospital December 5th
Kanata Animal Hospital December 18th
Liston Animal Hospital January 18th, 2018
Kanata Animal Hospital February 12th
Kanata Animal Hospital February 26th
Kanata Animal Hospital March 6th

Months ago, we made the decision to move Monsieur Furry Murray to our Haven Program. He has had medical issues since he was born and has overcome much with his hind end and to all that meet him, he is not conformationally built like his siblings.

We adore him and his fan club adores him and we are committed to him and he will be given the best of lives….. 

For anyone who may consider helping us with his ongoing care:

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*Murray has an extensive file under the “Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services’ account


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