BHRR’s Mama GD Gem
Beautiful Mama to The Bakers Dozen
March 2nd, 2018

So hard to believe that she was once so emaciated and heavily pregant at only 99 pounds with 13 babies. 

Then, after giving birth she dropped down to 84 pounds and today she is now a happier, healthier almost 112 pounds.

Liz, her talented, patient and caring professional photographer marvelled as to how she could have even carried that many babies….

I love this photo as she is truly such a ‘goofy gal’ to her small set up for success network of family/friends.

She contorts her body in all sorts of really awkward ways and oozes personality!

She can now hold her head up more often, does not always cower in a corner with sheer terror to be found in her eyes with body shaking…..she is no longer slinking around looking over her shoulder and the darkness does not make her whimper in fear.

She has a full bellly, is warm, lacks for nothing in comfort, love, consistency and vetting! She has many layers of comforters that she likes to ‘nest’ them into a big pile and bury herself into…how she just rubs her head with sheer pleasure amongst the blankets touches my heart deeply.

She shall be a BHRR Haven Dog and be cherished, kept safe and we will help her continue to be the best dog that she can be!

Once she relaxed around Liz – Liz was very respectful and gave BHRR’s Gem lots of space, she then began to show some of her goofball antics and contorsionist moves! 

Thank you again Liz Bradley for the photo’s for this BBBB deserved her own professional photo session!

Each day we try to show her that she is so wonderful, deserving and should have always been treated as a princess!

The Dane that was once only known as D211, being bred for greed, living in terror, neglected, abused, freezing and starved is a terrible thing of her past….never shall it be her present nor her bright future…my promise to her is that she will lack for nothing ever again.