UPDATE: I called for another update – long hold so I know they are busy (10:25 AM)

Apparently the Vet on duty will call us when they are done rounds yet we are concerned.

The person I talked to said ‘he has not been up for a walk yet’ and when he went on to say ‘that could just be because…’ and I stepped in and said he cannot walk! He is paralysed. So now my own worry levels are elevated further for does this mean they stopped flipping him?! 

I am going to have to wait until I talk to the Vet there and hope it is soon. 

He also said that he ate last night and once more since yet the person I talked to at 4:00 AM said he has refused all food to that point and was not interested. The times that they are offered food and when they eat should be documented. 

He then also said they are re-wrapping his IV yet did not tell me why they are doing so. 

All will be ok….we keep saying that to ourselves.