I just called for an update (4:00 AM). 

Vitals are stable. They are manually expressing his bladder, they are flipping him every four hours – I do every 2-4 hours here. They plan on doing some thermaltherapy on the right shoulder and I dialogued againthat this is great yet his left front leg is what needs it the most. ? We know that his right front leg is not able to be saved and other than making sure his circulation remains intact, the big focus from all of us on his team is to get him ambulatory on his other three legs…and if his left front leg which has its own concerns since his FCE cannot become strong enough to support him being a front end tripod then…. 

He is getting his already mentioned meds via IV plus is being given Pepcid and Sulcrate too. 

I am told he is BAR – bright, alert and responsive yet very quiet.

No interest in food. He cannot afford to lose more weight. 

He is such a soft boy and I was told that he was watching them and he does that….very soul reaching observant eyes. 

I may try to lay down for a bit myself…feeling lost without him here for me to watch sleep and to ‘chat’ me up when he wants something.