BHRR's Dana is at work with me today at KAH. She weighed a very solid, muscled with each rib defined in muscle 57.30 KGs(126.06 pounds). That is a 61.82 pound weight gain since she first arrived at BHRR exptremely emaciated.YOU GO BHRR's Dana!!!

She is such a social creature and her 'happy butt/tail' is a nonstop 'hazard' for all here! LOL She has loved interacting with every human she has met PLUS 2 pugs that belong to another staff member at KAH. It is hard to believe that BHRR's Dana is still with us. She is so friendly, yes, busy and active and mischievous yet so AWESOME!

She passed her annual with flying colours and received her DAPP 3 year booster.