BHRR’s Ryder!
~16 months


He is ready to make his own special announcement!

He is the Great Dane that was rescued at around 10 months of age weighing barely 48 pounds and with a medical eye condition.

To those who felt sorry for him, look at him now! He did not need people to feel sorry for him. He needed people to understand and help him and we are forever grateful to those who helped transport him and have stood by his and our side during his extensive rehabilitation!

What was once thought to be a cherry eye was actually eversion of the cartilage of the nictitating membrane. The first eye surgery he when he was neutered failed and he required a second surgery in September. Which if you look at his photo was successful!

Can you even tell which eye had the two surgeries?! 

His coat, once brown, dull, full of dead hair and so thin not to mention full of dander is now sleek and black and glossy and so shiny! 

He is currently ~115-120 pounds and as a young now healthy growing Dane, he is still gaining.

This boy has personality!! Oh! How I love his temperament. He is a true character and if people just give him a few moments to size up a room/situation, he relaxes and is the class clown. With all that he went through prior to Rescue, who can blame him for wanting to be sure everything was ok before jumping in.

He is friendly, happy, goofy and so loyal…..the way he looks at me once again, has me feeling incredibly humbled.

His biggest vice remains counter surfing. I cannot stress it enough that this is the biggest thing that we continue to patiently work on. He will need a home that shall remain consistent and positive balanced based in their approach to this behaviour. For a Dane that has been starved, who can blame him for wanting the goodies to be found yet, we are making slow but steady progress.

He can still be strong on a leash yet also has greatly improved. He is an adolescent that did not have much to no training prior to his rescue and he is equally doing so well in this area!

Fine to bathe, do nails and clean ears.

He still has some mild anxiety here and there in his crate when he first goes in at night and we passively ignore and he settles beautifully.

Travels amazing in a car now and no longer tries to climb the seats…even when tethered/seat belted, he would try and these days is most content to look out the windows or lay down to chomp a Butchery marrow bone etc.

We prefer a home with children no younger than 13, if said right matched home had children.

He can go to a home with or without a dog already residing in it and male or female does not matter as it is always about the right match fit personality, not the sex of the dog. He is not a wallflower and does still take some pleasure in attempting to push the softer Dogs a bit, like one of my own Wolfies Brogan. That being said, on the inside he really is a big softie that is working on his proper manners.

He has learned so much since he first arrived to us in July and while he is very much a gorgeous diamond in the rough in some ways, he does not have need of me any longer and that right match fit forever loving home can continue to build upon the strong foundation we have worked so hard to build for him.

He is not a high maintenance Dane to us….more of a low middle end kind of boy and for us a true riot!

He needs a home that walks three times a day, has a good sized fenced in backyard and has a strong small social network in place both people and dog wise for BHRR’s Ryder to keep moving forward in his manners and social skills. He loves his close few friends and needs his set up for success circle.

He can be adopted to a home that works full time, or part-time or works from home or is semi-retired or retired. Another versatile BHRR dog. 

I am so going to miss this stunning BBBBB when it is his time to leave me….he has been an absolute delight to have been asked to assist and like all the BHRR Dogs over the last shy of 22 years, will be a part of my heart forever!

I am over the moon proud of you BHRR’s Ryder! We also sincerely hope that the select few who could not look past his emaciation/eye/coat to what he had the potential to be now see why BHRR exists and are the experts we are in these situations. ?

This boy deserved the opportunity as any other dog does to live a super quality filled life filled with so much care and surrounded by so much love!  He is happy and healthy and lives his every day to the fullest….

Thank you again to Liz Bradley for the gorgeous pics!