Both puppies of The Bakers Dozen  – BHRR’s Everly & BHRR’s Carlsberg are: Drumroll…..
Great Dane AKA German Mastiff(Mama Gem) & Irish Wolfhound(Dad)

Guessing TIME!

DNA Results are in for The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Everly & BHRR’s Carlsberg! We are still waiting for BHRR’s Olivers’ results. We could only afford to do three out of the litter and did a draw as to which three would be done.

Some of you are going to be surprised! 

Any guesses as to what they are? Are they single bred Danes? Are they mixes? If so, with what breed or breeds? Are they dual sired?

Any guesses?

As many know, I had my own strong suspicions of what they may be…and did the DNA Results prove me wrong? 

Pictures of BHRR’s Everly & BHRR’s Carlsberg in this post for people to guess.