FROM MARC SAYER @ DDRI(Deaf Dane Rescue, Inc.):

I just got off the phone with Casper’s foster mom. He got his Percorten shot on Friday and has been on IV fluids all day today. He is not responding to treatments. In fact he is continuing to deteriorate. Clearly there is more going on than what we already know about. I made the decision, based on what the vets that have seen him this week have said, and what his foster mom had to say, to have him PTS today. I wish we could have done more. I wish we had had a bit more time before things got so bad and before he was so clearly suffering. I wish there was reason to believe that if we could just get him through the next few days he would rebound and go on to lead a full happy, healthy life. But that is not the case. And I see no reason to ask him to continue in obvious pain when there is little to no chance of a light at the end of the tunnel.