FROM MARC SAYER @ DDRI(Deaf Dane Rescue, Inc.):

Casper is in very bad shape. He is in constant pain now, has lost 30 lb., has not eaten more than a few bites in a week, all the life has gone out of his eyes, and he is generally up all night whining and howling in pain. We may have to put him on an IV. At this point it is unclear if he will even survive. I have added new photos today, taken by his foster mom. It is almost inconceivable how the dog shown in the top 3 photos below, which were supplied to us by his former owner, could have degenerated into the dog that was handed over to us. Something very wrong has happened to this sweet boy. We are committed to trying to save Casper if possible, but we are going to need help. So far his vet bills are over $500, and we have only barely scratched the surface. This was only his first visit to the vet. If he has to go on an IV, he will need to be admitted to the vet hospital full time. We know that under all this pain and suffering, is that sweet boy we saw in the original photos, and we want to try to help get him back if we can. But we won’t be able to do that without your help.