URGENT: I know I am a broken record yet we urgently need more Powdered Esbilac. We only have 9 days left at the current rate they are eating and that amount increases daily…..

Please consider helping us! 

Sadly, puppymill Mama Gem rejected them shortly after birth and we have had to go from tube feeding to dropper and bottle feeding with powdered Esbilac. 

9 days sounds like a lot yet it is not…they need to be on the Powdered Esbilac via bottle and then in their mush until they are on straight Kibble around 7 weeks of age. 

We need 5 weeks more of Powdered Esbilac to fill their needs….

Thank you for any consideration…..

The Bakers Dozen also thanks you…..this photo is of 12 of them on Wednesday September 20th. 1 week of age. Late summer warmth of the setting sun getting some important vitamins.