Happy HUGE Milestone Birthday to BHRR’s The Bakers Dozen!

2 weeks old!  Happy Birthday!!

They are enjoying one of the last days of late summer in the rays/warmth of the setting sun getting some vitamins.

We remain taking it one feeding at a time….one step at a time….one breath at a time….

So many to thank, so many that we are deeply indebted to for the donations of everything from fitted flannel sheets, blankets, paper towels, laundry soap, Pinesol, towels, pee Pads, stuffies, toys, powdered Esbilac and monies to help us purchase what we urgently need.

We have a long road still to travel and I remain exhausted yet so dedicated/committed to doing all that needs to be done. Having been doing 12 loads of laundry a day for the last two weeks nonstop(we usually do 5-7 daily), our washer and dryer – not even that old – decided to die and to us, it is just one more thing thrown into our path as another obstacle that we shall overcome and keep going forward….we will not just lay down and give up…

This weekend, if all goes well, we can begin to introduce some soupy mush to the stronger babies.

They are currently drinking anywhere from 70 mls(wee baby black girl) to 140 MLS per feeding and I am now feeding every 2.5-3 hours with each feeding lasting about 1-1.5 hours. This means Gwennie gets to eat with the family, take a shower and nap….oh, those naps are so awesome! 

They are quickly outgrowing their latest sleeping tote and by Friday, we will have them 24/7 in their stimulation pen as they are beginning to really motor around – some more wobbly bobbly than others.

Most have at least one of their peepers now open and three remain on eye drops.

3 boys also remain on polysporin for their privates from their litter-mates sucking on them. Dr. Liston did say that this should stop once all of their eyes are open.

The one boy who is on Clavamox antibiotic drops plus yogurt as he had an aspiration during a feed on Monday is doing well. So easy for them to aspirate and develop pneumonia.

Their next Vet visit Road Trip has been booked and I shall post our Volunteer needs for it will be a wild adventure at that visit! 

AND in two weeks, we hope to do their first professional photo session with the uber wonderful Melissa and from there do our Name Game Fundraiser to help raise much needed funds for their care.

We still have URGENT Needs….

1) Powdered Esbilac 
2) PVD Essential Care canned Puppy – Vet Food
3) PVD Essential Care Kibble Puppy – Vet Food
4) Giant Breed puppy appropriate toys – we are going to need a lot!

Puppymill Mama GD Gem is eating a bit better now and drinking quite well and hopefully we can get the weight coming on her soon. Such a pretty wee thing and the little black female pup looks just like her Mama. 

Accounts are set up at both Kanata AH 613-836-2848 & Liston AH 613-591-0966 and

Email transfer or PayPal consideration can be sent to gwen@birchhaven.org

I am still slowly getting back on track with emails etc., so thank you to all that have been patient and so understanding! All urgent and emergency requests and calls etc., are being promptly handled and the rest I am addressing as I can.

From The Bakers Dozen and their Mama Gem, good night wishes being sent from our home to all of our friends, family & supporters. Please know how truly grateful I am to all…..