Pat W., ON, CDA

Hi Gwen:  Just wanted to thank you for a lovely day at the open house.  It was great to meet you and Sean – tell him the hot dogs were great.  So enjoyed talking with you – my head was full with questions I wanted to ask you.  Real nice to get my "fix" and lots of "big dog leans".  Once again, if I can help out in anyway – i.e. home visits etc, calling prospective adoptive homes or foster homes, don't hesitate to let me know, or any other help, for that matter.  It's hard in today's world, with our economic situation to take on the care of the "giant dogs".  Shake my head always at the people who get them as cute puppies but refuse to look after them once they reach adults.  So glad there are caring people like your family and volunteers.  Love my "anklebiters"(small dogs) but there is something about the danes that reach inside your heart and don't leave.
Take care, Pat.