BHRR’s Flyn

She is ready to make her own special announcement!

This gorgeous BBBBB is such a delight. Low maintenance, calm, quiet, social and where once she was so nervous, she is now cautious yet curious.

In her time with us, she has only met two men that have made her nervous and we just asked them to give her some space. One was the Vet that spayed her and that is already an emotionally charged situation. The other was when she was at the Vet Hospital for her boosters. A large tall man wearing a hat came into the Hospital and was quite loud along with his female counterpart. We wanted to post these two experiences for people to be aware.

She likes to size things up first and nothing wrong with that. Just give her a few moments to take in new surroundings or people…..she will then feel right at home. She is not an in your face as soon as you get in the door kinda gal.

When we come home you can see how happy she is to see us yet she is not the jumping all over, noisy ‘where have you been!’ Dog. She comes over and graces us with a tail wag and a sniff and loves a gentle touch or two and then she wants to just be around her humans.

She is a true mysterious BBBBB! She has so many lawyers and depths that we are still being cautiously allowed into her most inner soul. She is beauty, brains and many may think what you see is all there is to her, but you could not be more wrong.

This lovely girl is deep….and full of so much character and heart plus soul.

It is almost hard to describe into words just how filled with depth BHRR’s Flyn is.

She is not complicated. She is not difficult. She just has an incredible intangible to her that is fascinating, compelling and so endearing along with that mysteries allure! She has a way and means about her to just make those in her presence relax and feel good. That is a special gift that she possesses.

She is great to travel in a car.

Patient and gentle with dogs of all sizes and people. We do not feel that any dog should be tightly hugged or see humans hang off their necks and that is so not for her. It would make her so uncomfortable….would make me uncomfortable if anyone did that to me!

She is good to bathe, clean ears, do nails and is crate-trained and has earned trust in our home that she has free rein these days yet our approved adoptive homes are always strongly recommended to not give any dog too much freedom to start. She still goes into a crate here and there to make sure that she feels good.

She is a good eater and has put on over 20 pounds of muscle mass & weight since she has arrived.

She has had no issues sharing the communal water bowls and has a playful side that is adorable.

She can go to a home as an only dog or be placed in a home that has a right matched personality fit dog already in it. As long as she has a proper doggie friend social network, that is what is most important.

She can go to a home that works pt, ft, from home, semi-retired, retired etc. Another versatile BHRR dog!

Her leash manners have greatly improved and her biggest vice – and to many they feel would not be a problem – is constantly climbing on the couch. We discourage couch dogs  and she has become a lot better.

She has been a real sweetheart of a Dane to have with us and to that right matched forever loving home, she is going to be a precious jewel!

AND I cannot say enough about those ears!! This picture has one of her amazing ears in action and in the comments, I will post a photo of both of her ears! They are the best!!

Her coat is nice and glossy and sleek now and I am over the moon excited for all the wonderful things her future shall hold for her!

Thanks again Liz for your amazing talent with the professional photo’s!

Please consider sharing this post in the hopes that her right matched adoring home may find her! Thanks in advance!