I brought Lil Linus with me when I worked on Monday at the Vet’s and had him examined etc. He now weighs 53.24 pounds(24.2Kgs) and the Vet agrees with me on the collapsed pasterns plus his hips. He was more resistive and uncomfortable when the left hip, knee etc. was flexed and rotated over the right. We will monitor as he grows older and do X-Rays when he is neutered. Due to his vaccines haven been given at such a young age; we just boostered him tonight and will wait another 3 weeks before the rabies is given. I brought in a fecal sample to be tested to see how we are doing with his de-worming. He was so much better in the car and settled down best when he was allowed on the passenger side seat with his head in my lap or resting touching my side! He still is nervous about driving anywhere and did not realise we were actually home until he was walking up the steps and you should have seen how much he changed! He was so happy and relieved to know that he was now back home! At the hospital; he continued to charm everyone and was not happy about being in a pen by himself yet he needs to learn that his own company is ok too. 🙂 He settled down after awhile and we brought him out on several occasions to mingle and socialise. He had the opportunity to meet and play with a Golden Retriever Puppy yet when that puppy began to bark at him; he barked back and was scared and then hid behind me. He was much more interested in the humans around him than any of the dogs. I gave him the ‘shhhh’ command and he listened! YAY! He will need a lot more outside(yes, we have 17 other dogs but he needs others)the home with other dog interaction. Not being 100% comfortable in his environment, he did not pee outside and had two accidents in his pen instead; which is ok. That will come. When he come home, he could not greet all the dogs fast enough and did not know who to play with first. I also discussed with the Vet about his ‘resourcing’ and that this is going to be a huge thing for us to work on for to see such a thing in a 15 week old pup is something else. She agreed and many stated just how much he is in the right place for him to overcome all that he has to. His heart, eyes, ears, teeth and body looked good and while thin; he is putting on the weight and should continue to blossom. I was just so thrilled by the kisses he continues to shower upon me more and more as when we first picked him up; he would only feel comfortable giving them to Sean. Lil Linus’s vet bills tonight was just over $150.00 and if anyone would like to help us by sponsoring him, donating toys, a new collar(he came with a choke collar that not only was not the best for a puppy but was too small and quite hard to get off and he is now wearing Mudslide’s old feminine one! 😳 ) I know that not only would we be so appreciative of the assistance yet I know that Lil Linus would too; especially if he had a collar meant for the manly boy he is! His next vet visit shall not be for another month but I will bring him in when I go into work to continue to expose him to different things.