UPDATE: He had another good night! Easy to take in and out of his colossal crate, no issues with collar handling – we are gentle and slow, goes outside, comes back inside, and eating plus drinking is still very minimal.

Not uncommon and the more settled and safe he feels, the more he will relax and begin to eat/drink.

He has been out in the 3+ fenced in yard twice so far this AM and the second time, he felt most comfortable with me near him – YAY! Yet, what I do not desire to happen is SA behaviours, so will find that right happy medium as we move forward.

AND, I got a small tail wag this AM. Very small BUT it was there, a little more than the tip….YAY!

Danya & Mel  – he is doing thumbs up, all things considered! What a rescue this was and thanks to you both plus Daniele again.

I am hoping to be able to bring him to work with me on Monday to start his full proactive/preventative vetting protocol yet we will see how he feels by then.

Another day together and getting to know each other!

He will get there…..and I have all the time and patience with love in the world for him. This is what we do!