BHRR’s Latte is ready to make her special announcement!
~4 year old Neo

She can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home, is semi-retired or retired! Another amazing versatile BHRR dog!

She travels wonderfully in a car, is good with most dogs! She can be an only dog in the home or be with a right matched personality fit dog – male or female. She loves to play with my own 2 year old Dane, Salt and is a hoot! She can and has been selective with dogs outside our home as to whether she wanted to like them or not….so she has a quirky side to her re: some dogs. 

She is an amazing companion keeping me company while I work on the computer or folding laundry. Almost a foot warmer!

She is excellent to do nails and ears and bathing is coming along nicely. She tolerates it.

She has fairly good leash manners now. She is still coming along and our mandatory obedience clause shall deeply assist with this plus for her to bond.

She is a calm and confident dog and only becomes nervous if someone rushes into her space/face. She may take a few moments to warm up to strangers as she is diva female and treats are a fantastic ice breaker.

She loves to goes for strolls and lay in the shade on a sunny day enjoying all the sights, smells and sounds about her. She is an excellent Picnic partner.

We would prefer a home with children aged 10 and up, and if not mature kids, 12 and up.

She drools! Be warned! She likes to hide bits of treats in her lips, take a big drink of water and then share parts of it with her human….in this case, she has chosen ‘me’ as her main focus of such affection!

She is really loving to her human family and loyal, almost to a fault. She would truly lay her life down for her family. Humbling.

If you give her reasons to trust and respect you, you will have earned it in spades…..

Her trust is a gift to be treasured and her right matched forever loving adoptive home will nurse this and cradle this trust forever.

This dog is truly da bomb! Gorgeous to boot and if a home is looking for a low maintenance, outstanding companion to be a cherished member of their home, she is the one!

Her eyes are so soulful and one needs to remember to not fall for her charm or you shall be in hook, line and sinker as you will find yourself with a wee devil on your hands….a delightful one!

Obedience, structure, consistency, patience and a big dosing of love has ensured that the SA she had upon arrival has been squelched. She likes herself now and can self-soothe and self-comfort and a home has to be aware that should they not handle things properly and spends all their time with her, they will bring this SA bubbling to the surface and it will spill over.

She is a wonderful dog, truly magnificent and we want her to keep being the best dog she can be!

WTG beautiful girl!

Thank you again to Elizabeth White for the extra hands at this photo shoot and to Liz Bradley once again for her talent plus time to take these photo’s!