*Sambuca* – 10+ year old Harlequin Male Great Dane
**Do not have an actual photo to share**

As is the case in rescue, there are always so many more dogs in need over spots in rescue.

As mentioned to BHRR’s Limericks forever adoptive home yesterday, her approved adoption will allow us to assist another in need and this boy is the next in need of BHRR.

This is what I was told:

Sambuca’s original owner died – Sambuca was used for breeding – and Sambuca was posted all over Facebook about 9 months ago as the parents whom his Owner lived with, in their 80’s were not in a position to care for Sambuca.

A friend of a friend of the now deceased Owner stepped up to take Sambuca and has had him for about 9 months.

I was contacted by a recommendation made to this new Owner by one of the wonderful Humane Societies in the SWO area that we have assisted throughout the many years.

This home has moved to a new place and it does not have a fenced in yard. With the Owner having M.S., they are not able to walk him and he will not go outside without her and is not getting the exercise and stimulation he needs.

He has also begun to urinate all over their carpets(their other home did not have carpets), his dog bed plus the dog bed of their other dog, a female standard poodle.

When asked if we could assist Sambuca, there was no hesitation. There are always groups to step up to take the puppies and the already healthy out there….our focus is to be there for the ‘underdogs’! The sick, the injured, the senior, the palliative, the deaf and/or blind, the neuro, the behavioural etc. We are here for the next in need of us regardless of age, sex or colour.

Sambuca shall be only the 5th dog we have been able to assist in 2017 and we remain about quality, not quantity.

Sambuca’s ETA April 9th, 2017