This happy and energetic goofball of a gem also had her annual at KAH tonight!

BHRR’s Whisper! Yes, she is deaf plus visually impaired yet normal to her and to all of us that adore her and she weighed a slightly plump(her approved temp foster is very aware of the ‘too many treats’ and working on it!) 87.56 pounds.

She is such a happy, loves everyone and everything active gal! Not a mean bone in her body and she knows nothing but joy and happiness and expresses so much positiveness to all around her!

She makes people not just smile but laugh and is a total lovebug!! Enthusiastic and playful and kind plus filled with a total goofy mischievous side!!

Her exam was a great one also. Her skin, common in many whites to have skin issues, was given a thumbs up. She is washed every couple of weeks with a special medicated shampoo and the seborrhoea is now only along some spots on her back. Her coat is so soft and a clean crisp healthy white over all.

Heart and lungs, A+ and she also was a doll to do nails.

Another dog that I truly adore!


Both she and BHRR’s Abby shall be with us at our next upcoming BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ mini open house!