It has been a wonderfully busy weekend!

This is a photo shared by the lovely generous angels that picked up BHRR’s Rickards(He NOW has a name!), the English Mastiff from a rural pound and have spent the day transporting him to his equally lovely emerge temp foster home!

Safe journey and thank you ALL deeply again!!!

***As I strongly suspected, he was not utd on vaccines etc….it is a rare Owner Surrender that has done the proper proactive/preventative Vetting required for a healthy dog. An appointment is setup for Friday January 13th for him to be thorough vetted. This home lied about taking him to a Vet to the Pound. I checked the Vet information myself and this Vet Hospital does not even have a pet of his former name or the O.’s last name on file.***

He will also begin his de-worming protocol at his emerge temp foster home and shall be placed on Revolution.

His emerge temp foster home after receiving him noted how skinny he was….four ribs clearly seen when only the last two should faintly be seen.

The foster home also strongly suspects him to be a lot younger than 4 years of age. About 2 years max. We also received confirmation that he is not neutered. We shall ensure that he is also neutered plus microchipped per our protocols.