BHRR’s Ember
3 weeks of age – Passed away Sunday December 13th, 2015

I am still in utter shock over the loss of this precious baby.

For 6 days she fought the great fight and truly was winning. Sunday she had a great day…I even have a video of her and her sister BHRR’s Flame eating during their 1 AM feed. Posted in a previous blog. 🙁

She was stronger and playful and loved cuddling more and more each day……..her real ‘self’ becoming apparent as she felt better and also was developing.

She had an evening feed around 8:30 PM, Kinsley helped me feed the babies….they peed, pooped, played a wee bit and then fell asleep for a nap not long after.

I checked on babies at 9:30 pm and she was laying on her back, completely unresponsive and I was unable to revive her.  She had just recently passed away……

I screamed for Sean, and have been bawling like a baby ever since. I am so heartbroken, sick with grief and I cannot even truly grieve as I have Mama Eve and BHRR’s Flame that still need me to keep fighting with them for their own lives right now…..

I am full of so many strong emotions, none of them positive and truly, screaming with the unfairness of seeing a 3 week old puppy stolen away from a great life ahead, that makes me so upset…….

She was gaining weight also. She was up to 1.82 Kgs when we weighed the puppies on Sunday afternoon. She remained on antibiotics and her URI was really improving….

If she had passed away Monday, Tuesday, or even Wednesday, her Vet team and I could understand better….would not be any easier to accept yet, she was improving so much…..

Thank you to all of her Vet Team at KAH for being there for her and I.

I am truly inconsolable at this time……I really am.

I am so sorry yet there shall be no further posts on our facebook page for the next while…I really am filled with total anguish plus pain over her loss……

Please light a candle for one of the sweetest, most precious babies ever……

I do not understand why she had to be taken away yet heaven, if there is one has a beautiful angel among them now.

AND, Sean and I made the decision to lay her to rest beside BHRR’s Porridge….whose own loss in October was crippling. He would have loved her….all would have. She was so sweet. We like to think that he is showing her all the ropes of the joy of toilet paper rolls, de-stuffing pillows, how great newf tails are for puppy tug of war and being pulled along the floor, the delights of counter surfing, happy tails and dane leans plus the best way to sit on a human for maxium comfort to her tush. We cannot forget about how great it is to bed hog!

RIP BHRR’s Ember….your life was snuffed out way too fast and I will never understand why…….

AND, I feel most sorry for her mama Eve and her one remaining sibling, BHRR’s Flame….only two survived from this litter to come into BHRR and now she is a singleton puppy. She had a bad night… was only when I gave her the red ‘woof’ pillow(both of them LOVE this pillow) that had the scent of her sister on it that she crawled up on it and whimpered herself to sleep. She will never experience the joys of having her sister grow up with her….. I am so sorry wee one……I tried so hard to save your sister….and, I shall continue to try hard to save you and your Mama Eve….

Thank you to everyone’s understanding that I just do not have the heart to make any more posts on this page for a bit………my strength is wrapped up trying keep my heart from shattering further as it is in a million pieces right now……

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