BHRR’s Crème Brûlée’ – ~85 pounds and still some growing to do.

She is ready to make her own special announcement!


So, she is a Boston Terrier and a Bulldog(Level 3). – 20-36% Breed Representation
AND she is a Greyhound, Akita and Mastiff(Level 4) – 10-20% Breed Representation
AND she is a Great Pyr(Level 5) – 9% or less Breed Representation

She came in extremely fearful, and once she settled in, her ‘strong’ willed side has been more than happy to emerge with a huge measure of sweetness mixed in!

She has been great with all the dogs here yet, I would not recommend any homes with dogs less than 20 pounds for she exhibits some interest, more than I would like when she has been around BHRR’s Steam and even BHRR’s Flame(10 weeks of age).

She does best with a quiet integration with any strange dogs for they can excite her and another dog may take exception to some of her still lack of proper dog to dog social greeting skills.

She travels great in the car, is so loving and affectionate to those she knows and trusts and can appear to be a bit aloof to others….yet, when she warms up and relaxes, she is a big goofy gal!

She is quiet, and only makes sounds when you arrive home to say ‘yay! you are back!’

I would not recommend homes that have cats and no homes with small children.

She is quite a mixture of breeds and personalities and her eyes, those eyes are liquid pools of softness that just bring you right into her….

They can look worried at times and a soft calming word/touch of assurance, settles those eyes back to wanting to trust and show everyone how truly lovely she is.

She can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home, semi-retired, retired etc. She is another extremely versatile BHRR dog.

She is crate trained and has also proven 100% trustworthy in our home for up to 2-3 hours. Being young still – not even 15 months of age, she has done so well in this area!

When she begins to wag that tail of hers, you cannot help but smile along!

She a gorgeous girl…..really gorgeous!

She should go to a home that has dog experience for in the wrong hands, she will be set up for failure, as would the home. She can go to a home that either has no other dogs or with a home that has a right matched personality fit dog already.

If another dog is too dominant, she will stand her ground. She corrects wonderfully under a balanced positive leader.

She is not a high maintenance dog and a home that does not frequent dog parks (most dogs and their owners do not belong in dogs parks as is!) yet takes long country strolls, hikes of various lengths and enjoys cuddles by a fireplace or watching TV, will make this gal a great right matched fit family!

You have been a joy my lovely gal…..a real joy to have had here…… 

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