My last post of my night!

The BHRR “EXPERIENCE” mini open house package has now been sent! If you believe that you have registered and have not yet received your detailed info. package, please do email ASAP! Promises to be another fabu time! The weather is expected to be 4 degrees, and mainly cloudy.

I am now going to spend the rest of my night with the newest addition to BHRR! Not the best photo yet, that is how close he wants to be with me right now…..and that is ok….we have tons of time for him to gain confidence.

He is understandably nervous/scared and it pains my heart to see him cringe and slink around Sean. Poor boy……I am going to hang out with him tonight and tell him so many wonderful stories about the BHRR doggies.

Dog who are going to love playing with him and showing him all the ‘ropes’ plus to tell him all about the great people in his BHRR Community that cannot wait to shower him with caring, loving arms and touches.

AND my promise to him is that he shall NEVER ever again have anyone say it is ok to have children ride him, crawl all over him, sleep on him etc………he will not be set-up for failure and then dumped at a shelter discarded, and then replaced with a new dog and forgotten about.

He is also more skinny then I first thought when I picked him up. Yet, that weight will come. He already put on significant weight at the shelter. In his first 5 days there, he had put on 5 kgs.

He will learn that he is important, valued, cherished, loved and heard….he will not be ignored, he will not be forced, he will be respected. WELCOME to BHRR dear man!

From my home to all of our friends and family plus extended family, may all have a good night!